As part of the SustainSahel program, Innovation Platforms (IP) were created under the coordination of WP2 to reinforce the collaboration between local actors, researchers, and authorities. The monitoring mission led by the FiBL team, responsible for project coordination, took place in Senegal, notably in Niakhar, Ouarkhokh et Koussanar, from November 27 to December 6. The objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of the IPs and to strengthen the WP2 system in the country. Despite notable progress, challenges remain, highlighting the importance of co-creation and the continued involvement of authorities to ensure the sustainability of these innovative initiatives. In order to ensure a more coherent invervention, WP8 took the initiative of participating in this meeting, aimed at improving the visibility of the IPs. This approach underlines the commitment to a collaborative approach and highlights the importance of close coordination between the different WPs.