Glimpse: In the recent past, a dilemma gained in importance from the standpoint of U.S. and foreign policymakers: the assistance towards more, and lasting, stability the Sahel region of Africa in 2024. The Sahel is currently the greatest single zone of conflicts in the world. One should note a number of coups d’état as well as the withdrawal from the West African regional community in January of three Sahelian states. The three countries have announced an alliance designed to stave off pressure from abroad, including calls to restore elected civilian leadership. Bisa Williams, a former U.S. ambassador to Niger, echoes criticisms made by the Bipartisan Senior Study Group for the Sahel as well as by academics, stating that previous attempts at partnership by aid donors had not succeeded in providing African countries with roles that are genuinely equal. The United States has made a commitment to forge more equitable partnerships as part of its new Africa strategy, which was unveiled 14 months ago during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.