Despite risks and limited resources, national and international humanitarian partners – working with local organizations – continue to deliver. So far in 2023, they have assisted roughly 6.3 million people across the Central Sahel, complementing efforts by national and local authorities and communities. But aid operations are facing crippling funding shortfalls: in 2023, humanitarian appeals for the three Central Sahel countries received only about one third of funds required – or about $781 million. In 2024, around $2.2 billion is required to help 10.4 million people across the region. Aid agencies are also clear that while humanitarian aid is urgently needed, it is not the solution to the cycles of hunger, displacement and disease that characterize the crisis in the Central Sahel. Investments in resilience, sustainable development and social cohesion are critical to help communities keep moving forward and to prevent further increases in humanitarian needs. Inclusive and effective participation channels are also needed to enable diverse voices of affected people to contribute to programmes and decision making that affect their lives and rights.*MTcwNzA2MDMzNC4yLjAuMTcwNzA2MDMzNC42MC4wLjA.