When comparing both runs, the impact of the reforestation was to decrease (increase) the compound extreme dry/warm (wet/warm) mode over the reforested zone. The dry/warm mode decrease is consistent with that of individual extreme dry and warm days, while the compound wet/warm mode increase may be driven by that of the extreme wet days. Finally, when considering the seasonal cycle, the dry/warm mode exhibits a more substantial decrease in the beginning (June–July, JJ) than during the peak of the West African summer monsoon season (August–September, AS). Moreover, reforestation similarly affects the compound wet/warm mode in JJ and AS by increasing it in the reforested region and decreasing it over the Southern Sahel (south of 15◦ N). This work suggests that reforestation may be a good solution for West African policymakers to mitigate climate change over the region and to develop better strategies for water resource management.