“In Mauritania, one in four children lives in absolute poverty, 80 per cent of children experience at least one form of violence, and 3 in 10 children are exposed to drought, floods or suffer from severe acute malnutrition. The COVID-19 pandemic and polio outbreaks have exacerbated the situation and hampered the development of a protective environment for children. UNICEF is committed to guaranteeing children’s well-being through an evidence-based, integrated and multi-sectoral humanitarian-development nexus approach, while increasing the accountability and ownership of national stakeholders. The inclusion of gender equality and disability and the scaling-up of community-based mechanisms and innovations are prioritized in order to reach more children. In 2022, US$18.9 million is required to meet the humanitarian needs of children in Mauritania, 40 per cent of which is needed for the COVID-19 response. This includes US$6.4 million to provide an integrated response to health and malnutrition.